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Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I was exposed to a plethora of wonderful and obscure sci-fi flicks, trippy cartoons, amazing action adventure movies, and long running tv series. Comic books were choice reading material and from there I was thrust into a world of imagination and make believe accompanied by action figures and toys.

Coming from a single parent family, where we shared a lot of the same interests, movies could only build up the excitement for up and coming action figures. My mother, who was very in- tune to my interests, got me a bionic man action doll, a pulsar and hypnosis action set and a few star wars figures to get me started and I was in pure bliss! From then on I was never without some sort of action figure or toy , and I would always keep them in perfect condition . I wouldn’t allow anything to destroy the imagination aspect of the character that the figure or toy was supposed to portray.

As I got older and went to school my passion for action figures and toys carried on, hiding them from the teacher so as not to get them taken from me . I always assumed that when I got older I would have grown out of my love for action figures and toys which as you see has not happened. I decided to open my very own toy store in September 2007 and since then it has been my goal and absolute pleasure to incorporate the hottest mainstream action figures with our favorite classics. It is my privilege to share my knowledge of the figures and their stories with newcomers, as well as identify with those who have shared my passion for years.

Every imagination is intrigued by something different. I aim to be the first, last, and only line to all facets of the collectible world.  The passion and love that I have for my own vast mint collection comes from me to you. Stored in a smoke free environment and acquired from the latest , most amazing toy and action figure collectible developers.  The products are always kept in there own mint manufacturers sealed packaging.  You can be assured that when dealing with Tough Nerd Toys your getting the very best action figures, toys, video games and collectibles. All items are inspected personally by myself or  other fellow toy enthusiasts who will ensure that items are always mint, new,  smoke free and always the hottest toys, action figures and collectibles on the Internet.

Enjoy and welcome to our wonderful world of Tough Nerd Toys!

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